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Architectural & Technical Design

Drawing is the motive force of architecture. Either technical or visionary it is undeniable that it is the fundamental element that makes new and unique spaces. This is the reason why Atelier Di Pittura insists on the finest teaching of the basic principles of architectural representation and technical drawing.

This is the course for students who wish to study Architecture or Interior Architecture as well as for those who want to become Civil and Structural Engineers.

Teaching begins at the basic level where the important thing is to learn how to correctly translate a design intention from an idea into a self-explanatory set of drawings. At this very first stage, the rules and doctrines of technical drawing matter the most. In fact, these consist the knowledge that students who want to study in universities in Greece and Cyprus should be ready to reproduce in their entry examinations.

For the students who wish to study in the universities of the United Kingdom a second stage is offered as choice, where they will learn not only how to produce pieces of high level architectural representation but also the various ways to present their ideas and discuss their design choices. The preparation of the application portfolio in Atelier Di Pittura is thus an integrated reflection of what the students have produced as well as how they will present it.

Quality matters. Presentation, either in graphic or in verbal format, matters. These are the two basic axes that are used to define the work that is produced for the Architectural Representation and Technical Drawing courses. However, the intention is to allow the students to develop personal representation and drawing characteristics themselves in order to reveal elements of talent, imagination, creativity and even more.

From the initial idea to its conceptualisation, and from the subsequent technical drawing to its architectural representation, the scope is to cover topics such as line, scale, plan, section, elevation, detail, axonometrics, perspectives as well as composition, design, inspiration and interview skills.

Architectural Representation and Technical Drawing are recommended to be completed in two years, however Atelier Di Pittura maintains classes for one year intensive courses. The course costs 150 euros per month and is taught once per week for two hours unless agreed otherwise.

Born in 1981 in Lemesos, Cyprus, Georgios Makridis studied Civil and Structural Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens where he completed his Masters thesis on the post-seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of traditionally built buildings. After the completion of the five-year diploma, he moved to the UK to study Architecture. At the Oxford Brookes University, he was awarded First Class Honours and the Dissertation Prize of BA (Hons) Architecture as well as a Distinction and the Major Study Prize of Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture. He is currently working as an architect at a practice in Lemesos. At the same time he is preparing students in Cyprus for their architectural studies in Greece and the UK. His Master of Architecture and PhD in Architectural Theory are due in the following years.

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