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Children & Adult Classes
5-13 years old

Start Workshops

Our workshop leaders are all qualified teachers and have experience in teaching young children. They have helped to develop a range of workshops which explore the role of art, craft and design in the children's environments. Our aims are to encourage the children to investigate the roles of colour, shape, space, pattern and texture.

These workshops are created especially for children to promote artistic skills and help children develop perceptual, creative problem-solving and critical thinking. Classes are cross-disciplinary and complement educational content standards for each age level. While delving into a particular medium or theme, such as Painting, Drawing, Clay, or Printmaking, we emphasize the personal discovery and self-confidence that grow out of the creative process. Children are invited to explore a wide range of materials, from homemade play dough to printmaking to sculpture.

Our Key Initiatives are to...
Create artworks that have meaningful ideas.
Encourage team-work, co-operation and communication.
Enhance awareness of art forms, other cultures and use of art techniques.
Provide a worthwhile and memorable experience.
Enrich curriculum learning.
Develop self expression, confidence and self-esteem.

In the workshop, children explore meaningful ideas and processes that lead toward authentic work in a variety of media. Class size is limited, offering each child plenty of individual attention.

The children’s classes are offered in spacious rooms with plenty of light and excellent facilities where students can work.

Adult workshops

These short courses will help you take the next step towards improving your practical skills, increasing your understanding and appreciation of art or simply a way for you to enjoy the creative experience in a lively and creative studio.

With a balance of both traditional beginners workshops and more abstract and experimental courses there will be something to suit everyone's palette. Groups are formed depending on preferred days and time of the week.

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